Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Mia!

Mia turned 6 months old yesterday! We had a little cake and presents at grandma Maria's house.
How in the WORLD has it been 6 months already I just don't know! I am working on making her a photo & video slideshow of her first 6 months. I have totally been bawling my eyes out remembering this precious tiny little baby and now she is sitting up and laughing and playing with every toy in sight! She is such an observant and smart little girl. Now if we can just get a handle on this eczema!

Happy HALF Birthday Mia!!!

Milestones & Things you do now: It seems like every single day you are learning or doing something new! Now you smile when me or Daddy comes to pick you up from Grandma's house on Mondays and Tuesdays or when Daddy walks in the door from work. You laugh and smile all the time and we act like idiots just to make you smile that beautiful smile! Your grandma Rebecca sends you all kinds of toys and books. You laughed at a toy for the first time the other day! It was the B car keys and you laughed in delight at all of the noises. You love being picked up in the air and bounced around or flown around. You also love to stand on your feet and usually smile this cute smile that you are so proud of yourself! We have been practicing sitting up and you can mostly do it for several seconds before you topple over - but I see you learning how to catch yourself! You also reach up and touch or hit the butterflies on your bouncy chair now. EVERYTHING you touch goes immediately into your mouth for chewtime! You still enjoy to play with your feet and chew on them - in fact this is usually one of the first things you do when you wake up in the morning. We went to the Farmer's Market at the Northridge mall and you kept reaching for daddy's strawberry lemonade! It was so hilarious. We are trying to teach you to give us kisses and you just kind of slobber on our cheeks. Grandma was reading you some books last night at your party and you were trying to grab the pages. You love to look at the pictures and the bright colors in the books. When we go to the store we play with all the toys there and usually can't resist buying the ones that you seem to like the best.

Your favorite people: You stare at Luna and follow her around the room with your eyes if she is running around acting crazy. You still haven't laughed at her yet though! When I call daddy on the phone and put him on speaker phone you seem to look at the phone in anticipation and then stare with interest when he starts talking. Sometimes you will almost smile at the phone. When we do Facetime with Grandma Rebecca and Grandpa David you like to look at the screen and smile and laugh. You show off all the new things you are doing and playing with your new toys. You have so much fun at Grandma Maria's house and she takes you all kinds of places like the mall, the grocery store, and IKEA. She says most of the time you are happy except for when you get sleepy or hungry!

Your favorite toys: Ohmygoodness this month you have gotten so many new toys that I don't even know where to begin! Grandma Rebecca has been sending a ton of toys and I haven't been able to resist buying you electronic toys. You have a remote control, a cell phone, a laptop, a music station that has a book and a piano, and this cute toy with a dancing monkey and singing animals. You love to sit there and reach out and hit the buttons. The Baby Piano on the iPhone will distract you almost every time if you are unhappy or crying in the car.

Challenges this month: We are still battling your eczema. If we aren't careful with your socks and scratch sleeves on your hands you will scratch your face until it bleeds. Mommy has been taking you to a naturopath and giving you all kinds of vitamins & supplements and even homeopathic remedies. You always take your medicines like a good girl except for the homeopathic Unda numbers which taste nasty! You love the banana(?) flavored Nystatin that we are giving you hoping that it will help your eczema. You love it so much that it makes mommy & daddy feel so bad that you can't eat solid foods yet! We have an Epi-pen on hand and hope that soon we can give you some fruit & veggies and other healthy foods! The pediatrician was mean to mommy about your slow weight gain and your eczema so mommy found a new doctor to take you to and she is helping me alot more. Right now mommy is only eating rice, rice pasta, quinoa, rice cereal, water, yams, squash, zucchini, rice bread, olive oil and avocado hoping to clear up your eczema, identify any other allergies you might have, and help your body heal from whatever allergies you may have.

Triumphs this month: Now that we co-sleep you sleep much better and wake up happier. A schedule and a bedtime has also slowly began to emerge. I love cuddling with you at night! You squirm around alot though - probably because you are very itchy.

Special Holidays & Outings this month: Your first Easter was alot of fun. We dressed you in a cute dress and we all went to the park with some of your relatives that were here from Mexico to visit. Earlier this month you also went to Hollywood Blvd. for the first time with your relatives from Mexico, Aunt Monsey and Aunt Wendy and your cousin Izzy. You had your picture taken with Dora! Then a few days later it was Izzy's first birthday party and you watched all the kids go crazy over the pinata. Last weekend we took you to the beach for the first time - not on the sand though! You were a bit too cranky and sleepy for that. But we went back to this lookout point in Malibu on PCH that mommy & daddy like to go to. We looked at the seagulls and the ocean and the waves crashing on the rocks and we took tons of pictures. A nice lady even came by and took a few pictures of all of us!

Things we want to do next: As soon as we buy you a cute swimsuit we are going to take you swimming! I can't wait - you are going to love it! I also am looking forward to starting baby signing with you and am thinking of trying out elimination communication as well. I plan to try out some different systems of cloth diapers as well since what we tried when you were born didn't work out for us. I can't wait to get a better handle on babywearing as well so that we can do longer outings like hikes without you getting uncomfortable and fussy. Summertime is coming this is my favorite time of year I just get so excited! I bought you a TON of clothes at Target the other day for your birthday but also because I can't resist cute summer clothes! I need to buy you a summer hat and baby sunglasses too.


  1. What a cool idea for an entry! I will have to do this with next baby!

    1. Thanks!

      I just came across someone that did it WEEKLY (less info of course) with a picture of their baby in a white onesie each time & then she photoshopped a circle with the week on it. Each week he was laying on a different colored blanket - and it was like hearts for Valentine's Day, etc.

      I wish I had the time for something like that! lol


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