Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Crunchy Mama/AP Pledge


* I pledge to advocate tirelessly on your behalf, from the minute you are born and even before. I will fight off all unnecessary interventions in your pregnancy and birth.

* I pledge to give it my absolute best attempt to breastfeed, calling on lactation consultants, LLL leaders, or yes even Google(!) for help if I'm having trouble.

* I pledge to at least research thoroughly the side affects and risks of vaccinations, antibiotics and other medications before just blindly following common convention.

* I pledge to protect your delicate little body from chemicals & toxins at every possible turn. Wherever humanly possible I will use only organic and natural diapers, baby products, toys, and food.

* I pledge to respond to your cries with tender loving care, not 5 minute intervals.

* I pledge to parent you gently, never shouting or reacting in anger.

* I pledge to nurture your growing brain, reading books with you, playing educational games, going for walks in nature and teaching you everything about the world around us.

* I pledge to make time every single day to play with you and make you laugh because I truly enjoy spending time with you.

* I pledge to love you with all of my heart and always demonstrate it every single day of my life with hugs, kisses and loving words.

* I pledge to fight tirelessly for you no matter what challenges may arise in our lives.

* I pledge to listen to you as you grow older, and always let you have a voice in our family.

Feel free to share throughout the web just please give credit and link back to me @ TheCrunchyGemini!

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