Thursday, March 1, 2012

My BabyGirl Is 4 Months Old Today!!!!!!!!

Mia is 4 months old today! I can’t believe it! I need to book a photography session soon! Actual several photography sessions, hehehe. And I still want Paola’s photo from when I was 9 months pregnant!!!


Happy Birthday Mia!!!

Things you do now: You have started to squeal a lot more! Instead of crying. You discovered your feet this month and now love to play with them and try to get them to your mouth – especially if you are wearing socks or pants with feet. You love to grab things and pull on my hair and necklace, especially while you are eating. This month you have started really laughing at things that we do. It is totally random – we never know when you are going to start laughing at us! But when you do we keep doing that same thing over & over again like idiots just to get you to laugh some more! You have also rolled over a few times from your front to back, and you twist around now when on your back and get about halfway to rolling over from your back to front.

Your favorite people: When you are upset you mostly still want me to hold you and cheer you up –Daddy tries but usually you just want Mommy! You love Grandma Maria, Grandpa Ubaldo, Uncle Richie, and Aunt Monsie. You love to talk to Grandma Rebecca, Grandma David, and Uncle Kyle via Facetime on Mommy’s iPod.

Your favorite toys: Princess Sophie doll by Lamaze is your favorite toy. You also like your twisty ball and your faces soft baby book. You love to be on your tummy and have just recently started enjoying spending time in your Bumbo seat! You have always loved watching TV.

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